We are offering for sale some very special original vintage knives. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding these original vintage switchblades.  
  LATAMA Flatguard # LC01A
It is entirely possible,
even probable, that this particular kniife
was made by
Patrizio Pasquale

"the man with
the golden hands,"

(overseer of Latama's
Maniago workers)

LC01. A wonderful 11" (28CM) LATAMA Flat Guard!
Very early knife, in great condition. This knife has never been buffed or cleaned. This knife is as honest as the day is long! Scales are classic Latina- front is cream colored and slightly yellowed with age, and rear is yellowed cream and translucent green. No shrinkage or dermestid activity. Front scale shows a slight abrasion near front bolster. The button is slightly dented. The knife was probably dropped. Bolsters have one or two very slight nicks, but are crisp showing no wear at all. Original dovetailed spring is in perfect condition and is "LATAMA strong!" Blade and back spring are darkened with age, but show no deep pitting. Original bayonet blade grind lines are pristine. Knife has been lightly sharpened with NO blade loss. Front side of blade shows lengthwise abrasions that I cannot explain. Rear of blade shows no abrasions. Script "LATAMA" marking. Original needlepoint. It is entirely possible, even probable, that this particular knife was made by Patrizio Pasquale - "the man with the golden hands," and overseer of LATAMA's Maniago workers.
This is a fine example of the early LATAMA "classic" switchblade!



LATAMA Wasp Flatguard # LC02

LC02. Extremely rare 12CM LATAMA Wasp Flat Guard
You do not see these every day, or every decade!
No delaminating of the beautiful horn scales. No dermatoid activity present. Replaced rear scale has approximately 5% shrinkage, and has a slight crack at the back spring pin. Blade has not been sharpened or buffed, and grind lines are as crisp as the day it was made. Sharp, clear markings. This is an early LATAMA knife. The kick spring is dovetailed. The expertly pinned button brackets are so well done that it is nearly impossible to see them. All steel parts are as bright and shiny as brand new. Safety works properly. Blade seats deeply in the liners.
This knife is tiny-only 2-1/2" closed.
An exceptional example of one of the rarest LATAMAS!


    LATAMA Hunting and Fishing Knife # LC03

LCO3. LATAMA Hunting and Fishing Knife 4-7/8" closed.
Brand new, untouched!
Pristine example of this ultra-rare LATAMA model. This knife was bought new 60 years ago, oiled, and put away! Except for some age cracking and minor delaminating of the beautiful horn scales, this knife is in truly mint condition.
Never sharpened. Never polished. The brass and nickel silver is not even tarnished. Most of these knives were used and abused. They are rare in any condition. This particular knife is the nicest I have seen of this model.
Clip point main blade, double cut saw blade, can opener, file/cap lifter/screwdriver blade, hand-made corkscrew, original brass lanyard ring.
This is the ultimate example of Maniago's hand-made cutlery.


              LATAMA Kris Blade # LC04

LC04. 11 " (28CM) LATAMA Kris Blade
A very nice representative example. Knife has been lightly cleaned at some time in the past. Beautiful translucent green and white horn scales showing some shrinkage and very light delaminating on the rear scale. Front scale has one tiny dermestid bite behind the button. No sharpening marks are evident. Markings are sharp and clear. Very small area of minor pitting (very light) on rear of blade Later non-dovetailed spring and "D" shaped brackets. Blade is tight and tip sits well within the liners. Safety works properly, and knife functions, as it should.


              LATAMA Wasp Body # LC05

LCO5. LATAMA 7" (18CM) Wasp Body (coffin) Flat Guard
Early knife with flat guards and wasp shaped handles. Late 1940s-early 1950s.
Professionally restored with beautiful white over black horn scales. Scales show some very minor shrinkage
that is not noticeable. Knife looks brand new. Blade is full. "LATAMA" marking is buffed but still very visible.
No pitting anywhere. Spring is strong, and knife works properly. Blade tip sits within liners. Pinned button brackets.
A very nice little LATAMA!



LATAMA Flatguard # LC06


LC06. LATAMA 8" (20CM) Flat Guard
Early and unusual variation. Beautiful bayonet blade with crisp grind lines. Unsharpened. Very early lock hole drilled completely through the blade. Knife is all original-never tampered with. "D" stamped liners. Bright back spring with large round lock tab. Lock tab has been nicely ground to a taper on the top edges (original.) Kick spring is the early dovetailed type, and is very strong. This knife has the finest white horn scales that I have ever seen. I had to look very closely to make sure they were not ivory! Scales are in pristine condition, with one small surface crack at the rear pin on the button side. No dermatoid bites and no delaminating of this beautiful horn. Absolutely no scale shrinkage. Safety works as it should, and blade seats deep. You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of the very early LATAMA knives.


          LATAMA Wasp Body Flat Guard # LC07

LC07. LATAMA 6-1/4" (16 CM) Wasp Body Flat Guard
One-piece flat guard bolsters and distinctive, early LATAMA wasp shape handles. Blade is very nice, but professionally sharpened, down approximately 5%. Small LATAMA stamp. Front scale has been replaced with beautiful translucent green horn. Original rear scale has an approximately 1/8 inch area of dermatoid damage near the rear bolster. This damage is not particularly noticeable. The scales show no delaminating, and match exceptionally well. The knife has "tabbed" button brackets. Back spring, kick spring, and blade do not appear to have been cleaned or polished, and are in very good condition. Safety works properly, and the blade seats deep.


              LATAMA Flat Guard # LC08

LC08. LATAMA 9" (28CM) Flat Guard
Beautiful, classic early LATAMA picklock. Original white (aged to yellow) over black horn scales showing no dermatoid infestation, and very slight delaminating. Knife has been professionally restored. All lines are as crisp as new. Large button. Strong dovetailed spring. No pitting evident on any steel parts. Approximately 5% blade loss. Thick blade and back spring. LATAMA stamp is very legible. Blade sits deep.



LCO9. Kabar / Union Cutlery Grizzly
This is the big Grizzly. Un-cleaned, unsharpened. Full "Grizzly, pat. pending" etch is plainly visible. Original factory edge. Minor discoloration on blade and back spring, with two small areas of light pitting on blade, and two small areas of light pitting on the button spring. I would rate this knife at a very conservative 80% condition. 100% original. All markings sharp and clear. Stag handles are in excellent condition, with one small hairline stress crack at the center pin on the button side. Made between 1923-1951. Knife opens properly and tip of blade seats deep in the liners. As nice, a Grizzly as you will find!


    FISH KNIFE #LC10    

LC10. 8 " (23CM) Fish Picklock
Unusual stamp! Stamp appears to be a monkey hanging from a tree, over "ITALY." Beautiful cream and yellow front scale with minor surface cracking at back spring pin. Rear scale is classic white/black horn. No dermatoid activity evident. No delaminating present. Knife is in 85-90% original condition. "D" stamped button brackets. No blade loss. A very hard to find knife, with extremely rare (and unusual) stamp, in excellent condition.